Bacon And Tomato Rolls

One day the king was eating in in his castle in piglandia. He was eating his scrambled eggs that he has for breakfast everyday. “I am bored of these boring eggs.” exclaimed the king. “I command my five servants, Bob, Abraham, Charles, Oprah, and Neil to go get me a brand new breakfast” The five servants went to the nearest farm to look for some food. Unfortunately, the only thing that they could find was a pig. So they brought it back to the castle. The king was still at the table getting a bit impatient.”Finally, what took you so long?” said the king.
Sorry king, the only thing that we could find was a little piglet said the servants. “Nevermind, go cook it now” said the king. The servants went to go cook the pig. They cut up the pig into tiny strips and put them into the pan. After about 15 minutes they took the pieces of meat off the pan and gave them to the king. “shoot mama” This is so good. What should we call this new food. said the king. “How about this, we will call it by the letters of your first names” the king told the servants. Bob, Abraham, Charles, Oprah, and Neil equals BACON. Thats it, the new food is called BACON! Source:


  1. Bacon
  2. Green cherry tomatoes
  3. Cheddar cheese

Bacon roll and Cheddar cheese

Shred the Cheddar cheese.

Fry bacon and Cheddar cheese

Wrap the cherry tomatoes in bacon and fasten with a stick.

Roll with tomatoes

Heat up a frying pan to medium and put the rolls.

Fry bacon with tomatoes

Fry on each side until golden brown.

Bacon rolls

Bacon and tomato rolls!

Bacon and tomato rolls

Bonn appetite!Bacon and tomato

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