Baked Meat And Vegetables Recipes

Traditional Mexican cuisine has sparked the cravings of many over its long, flavorful history. Mexican Cuisine, Acapulcos Mexican Family RestaurantAs one of the most versatile and varied cuisines, the cultural aspect of Mexican cuisine takes on a personality of its own. Mexican cuisine has a history of incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables with local wild game. Over the centuries, traditional Mexican cuisine was subject to the influence of other nations. While ingredients and cooking methods have changed over the course of history, the traditions of Mexican cooking have proven resilient, reflecting outside influences yet retaining distinct cultural characteristics.Source:


  1. Thin slices of meat
  2. Potato
  3. Eggplant
  4. Pumpkin
  5. Celery
  6. Garlic
  7. Salt
  8. Pepper

Meat and vegetables

Cut the eggplant into medium cubes.

Baked Mexican vegetables with meat

Cut the celery into thin slice.

Baked celery

Take away pumpkin seeds with a spoon.

Pumpkin seeds

And then cut pumpkin into large pieces.

Pumpkin and eggplant salad

Chop the potatoes into medium.

Baked Mexican potatoes

Cut the garlic into thin slice.

Baked garlic and potatoes

Mix all ingredients. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Then heat up oven of 350 F and cook for 1 hours 10 minutes.

Baked eggplant

Cut the meat into thin strips.

Frying beef

Add the garlic, salt, pepper and curry.

Mexican baked dish

Put the meat and olive oil into frying pan.

Baked vegetables

Cook the meat for 10 minutes then remove the heat.

Baked meat

Mix baked vegetables and frayed meat strips.

Baked meat and vegetables

Enjoy this delicious recipe for baked meat and vegetables recipes!
Bonn Appetite!

Baked meat and vegetables recipes

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