Brussels Princess


  1. Brussels sprouts
  2. Canned corn
  3. Canned peas
  4. Potato
  5. Noodles
  6. Onion

Peas was the first vegetable, closed in a tin

Put the Brussels sprouts in a Bowl and heat to boiling.

Brussels sprouts juice has a beneficial effect hematopoietic recommend include menu of cancer patients

Cut the potatoes and onions to medium.

In tubers cartel contains 20-30 percent dry matter

Add potatoes 20 minutes after boiling.

Potato starch is not a digestible product

After 15 minutes, add canned peas.

United Kingdom - the largest producer of peas for freezing in Europe

And add canned corn.

Corn - the staple food of Mexicans and Indians

After 10 minutes, add the noodles.

Harvest Brussels sprouts selectively - from October to late autumn

Fry onions.

In the food consumed as many as 228 species of onion

In the end, add fried onions.

Onion juice - a natural antibiotic

Bon appetit!

Corn - is an annual plant that grows to a height of 7 meters

Author: Mariia R.

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