Diet Celery Soup

In the course of history, celery has been known by many names, and touted for many uses. The name “celery” in the English language is thought to have been derived from the French word “celeri.” In turn, celeri came from the Greek version of the word. This vegetable/herb even made an appearance in Homer’s Odyssey as “selinon.” Most experts believe that celery originated in the Mediterranean basin. Other areas that lay claim to nativity for celery include Sweden, the British Isles, Egypt, Algeria, India, China, and New Zealand. Source: Indepthinfo.


Turkey ground meat

Vegetable soup

Cut the celery into small pieces.

Turkey meat bolls soup

Cut the potatoes into small pieces too.

Celery and vegetables soup

Shred the carrot into thinly slices.

Carrot soup

Chop the mushrooms into medium pieces.

Celery soup with mushrooms

Make a small bolls from the turkey ground meat.

Turkey ground meat

Boil the water and add a little salt.

Soup with celery and potatoes

Add the vegetables to the water and mix well. Cook vegetables for 15 minutes.

Celery soup with carrot

Then add the meat bolls. Cook for 7 minutes and remove from heat.

Diet celery soup with turkey ground meat

Enjoy diet celery soup recipe!
Bonn appetite!

Diet celery soup

Author: Mariia R.

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