Falsa Kishka


  1. Chicken skin
  2. Onions
  3. Flour
  4. Butter
  5. Carrots
  6. Bay leaf
  7. Salt
  8. Pepper


Sew chicken skin into a bag.

Sausage made from chicken neck skin stuffed with flour, internal meats

Leave a hole for staffing.

Helzel may be cooked in chicken soup

Cut onions into small pieces.

Onion for chicken neck

Mix 04 oz of  butter and 5 tablespoons of flour. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Staffed for chicken neck

Mash the ingredients with a fork.

Onions, flour and butter

Then stuff the chicken bag.

Jewish dish

Now sew up the hole.

Chicken skin

Evenly distribute all staffing in a bag.

Boiled chicken neck

Put the falsa kishka in a bowl. Salt water and add a bay leaf. Cook for 40 minutes.

Bay leaves for stuffed neck

Then cut onions and shred carrot.

Onions and carrots

Move the falsa kishka into a ovenproof dish. Add onions, carrots, butter and cover with a lid. Cook for 20 minutes on low hit.

Braised chicken neck

Put falsa kishka on a plate.

Tasty chicken

Bon appetite!Jewish food

Author: Mariia R.

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