Fast And Easy Fish Soup

Fast And Easy Fish Soup or Ukha ( Russian fish soup).

“Ukha” started to be used as a term for fish broth in Russian cuisine in the late 17th to early 18th centuries. In earlier times, this term referred to thick meat broths, and then later chicken. Beginning in the 15th century, fish was more and more often used to prepare ukha, thus creating a dish that had a distinctive taste among soups. In the 19th century, many travellers visiting Russia claimed that ukha is one of the best dishes in Russian cuisine.Source: Wikipedia


  1. Canned fish
  2. Onion
  3. Potatoes
  4. Bay leaf
  5. Salt
  • Carrots, pepper, herbs and curry (optional)

Fast fish soup

Pour water in a bowl.

Fast soup

Clean the onion and put it in a bowl.

Easy fish soup

Add bay leaf and boil water.

Ukha soup

Cut the potatoes into large pieces.


Cut the carrot into slices.

The Ukrainian soup

Add potatoes and carrots to the soup and mix well.

Fish for soup

You can add to the soup 1/2 teaspoon curry (optional).

Wonderful fish soup

Add canned fish in the soup through a the 20 minutes and mix all.

Saury fish

Now add salt to taste and cook for 10 minutes.

Fish broth

Bonn appetite !


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