Mango Dessert

The mango is known as the ‘king of fruit’ throughout the world.The name ‘mango’ is derived from the Tamil word ‘mangkay’ or ‘man-gay’. When the Portuguese traders settled in Western India they adopted the name as ‘manga’.┬áMangos originated in East India, Burma and the Andaman Islands bordering the Bay of Bengal. Around the 5th century B.C., Buddhist monks are believed to have introduced the mango to Malaysia and eastern Asia – legend has it that Buddha found tranquility and repose in a mango grove. Persian traders took the mango into the middle east and Africa, from there the Portuguese brought it to Brazil and the West Indies. Mango cultivars arrived in Florida in the 1830’s and in California in the 1880’s.┬áThe Mango tree plays a sacred role in India; it is a symbol of love and some believe that the Mango tree can grant wishes. Source: Blogspot


  1. Mangoes
  2. Yolks
  3. Cream 35%
  4. Vanilla extract
  5. Corn starch
  6. Sugar

Easy mango dessert

Peel the mangoes.

Yellow mango

Cut the mangoes into thin slices and put into the ceramic bowl. Drizzle mangoes with lemon juice and put the slices of mangoes in a fridge.

Juicy mango dessert

Separate the whites from the yolks of four eggs.

Custard dessert

Add 1/2 cup of the cream.

Eggs with mango

Add 1 teaspoon of corn starch, 1 teaspoons of vanilla extract and 3 teaspoons of sugar and mix well.

Mango cream eggs

Heat up the mixture to low and stir constantly.

Sweet dessert

Mix the whole mass to medium density. And remove from the stove.


Add the mixture into the slice of mango. Don’t mix it.

Custard mango

Heat up the oven at 365 and bake the mango dessert for 20 minutes.

Cream with yolks

Then remove the mango dessert from the stove and sprinkle with sugar powder.

Mango with eggs

Enjoy the mangoes dessert recipe!
Bonn appetite!

Mango dessert

Author: Mariia R.

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