Potato Cakes With Bacon And Onion

Whether mashed, baked or roasted, people often consider potatoes as comfort food. It is an important food staple and the number one vegetable crop in the world. Potatoes are available year-round as they are harvested somewhere every month of the year.Source: whfoods.com


  1. Potatoes
  2. Bacon
  3. Egg
  4. Flour
  5. Salt

Tasty and fast potatoes patties

Shred the potatoes on the medium grater.


Cut onions into small pieces.

Onions for potato patties

And cut bacon into medium slices.

Potato cakes with bacon

Mix the potatoes with onions and a little salt.

Potatoes with onions

Add the egg and mix again.

Eggs for doubt

Then add a little flour and mix well.

Potato dough

Put the slices of bacon on the frying pan.

Cooked bacon

And fry until golden brown.

Fry bacon

Cooked bacon mix with potato dough.

Shred potatoes

Heat up a frying pan to medium heat. Add olive oil and put little potato cakes into frying pan.

Potatoes cutlet

And fry until golden brown.


Potato cakes with bacon and onion special for you!
Bonn appetite!
Potato cakes withnion

    Author: Mariia R.

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