Ricotta Sweet Cake

Ricotta is a fresh, soft Italian cheese. Its name in Italian means “re-cooked,” in reference to the way it’s manufactured. Instead of milk, ricotta is made with whey, a liquid by-product in cheese making that’s usually discarded. Whey is heated and an acid is added to let the natural proteins form and become what we know as ricotta. It’s typically made from cow’s milk whey, but milk from sheep, goats, and water buffalos are used as well. Soft and rindless, ricotta has a crumbly texture with a very mild flavor. Its versatility makes it a favored ingredient in numerous Italian dishes, from spreads and salads to pasta and desserts. It is commonly used in lasagna, ravioli, pizza, and a Sicilian cake called cassata. Relatively low in fat, ricotta is even a healthy substitute for mayonnaise when making egg or tuna spread. Source: Yummy


  1. Flour 8 oz
  2. Ricotta cheese 10 oz
  3. Zest of 1 orange
  4. Peaches or other fruit
  5. Eggs 3
  6. Baking powder 0.03 oz
  7. Sugar 6.35 oz

Ricotta cheese cake

Whip the broken eggs with mixer.

Dough wit cheese

Add some sugar and whip again.

Dessert for coffe

Than add ricotta cheese and mix well.

Ricotta cheese cake

Mix baking powder with flour and add to the ricotta mixture.

Baked powder

Shred the zest of one orange on the small grater.

Sweet cake with ricotta cheese

Add the zest to the mixture.

Orange zest

Mix well.

Dessert for tea

Put the liquid dough into the baking form.

Liquid dough

Cut some peaches into medium peaces.

Ricotta peach pai

Put peaches on the top.

Ricotta dough

Bake ricotta sweet cake to 350°F for 50 minutes.

Peach cake

Enjoy ricotta sweet cake with tea or coffee!
Bon appetite!

Baked cake

Author: Mariia R.

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