Russian Rassolnik Soup Recipe

To ensure that rassolnik had a gentle, moderately acidic and moderately salty taste, you need a certain set of ingredients: the right balance of the acidic components (cucumbers and brine) and neutral (cereals and root vegetables). Brine was diluted, boiled separately and then introduced into the broth in small portions while tasting. Besides cereals, potatoes, carrots and turnips, in rassolnik you also put spices.Source: todiscoverrussia


  1. Pork ribs
  2. Potatoes
  3. Barley
  4. Salty canned of  cucumbers

Classic rassolnik soup

Cut the potatoes into medium cubes.

Soup with cucumbers

Cut the salty cucumbers into medium pieces.

Soup rassolnik with salt cucumbers

Boil the broth of the pork ribs. Cook broth for 10 minutes.

Broth of the pork ribs

Then add the barley and cook for 1 hours on low heat.

Soup with barley

Next step- add the potatoes into broth and cook for 15 minutes.

Rassolnik soup recipe

And after add the salty cucumbers.

Russian rassolnik

Mix all and cook for additional 7 minutes.

Russian rassolnik soup

Enjoy russian rassolnik soup recipe!
Bonn appetite!

Russian rassolnik soup recipe

Author: Mariia R.

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