Russian Sorrel Soup

Sorrel soup is a soup made from water or broth, sorrel leaves, and salt. Other possible ingredients are egg yolks or whole eggs (hard boiled or scrambled), potatoes, carrots, parsley root, and rice. It can be served hot or cold, and is usually garnished with sour cream. It is known in Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Latvian, and Eastern European Jewish cuisines. Its other English names, spelled variously schavel, shchav, shav, or shtshav, are from the Proto-Slavic ščаvь for sorrel. Due to its commonness as a soup in Eastern European cuisines, it is often called “green borscht”, as a cousin of the standard, reddish-purple borscht soup. Source: Wikipedia


  1. Chicken stock or water
  2. Barley
  3. Sorrel
  4. Potatoes
  5. Salt
  • Cooked egg and sour cream (optional)

Barley  russian soup

Boil chicken stock or water and add the barley. Cook the barley for 30 minutes.

Pearl barley soup with sorrel

Clean the potatoes and cut into medium pieces.

Pearl barley

Put the potatoes into the boiling chicken stock. Cook the potatoes for 15 minutes.

Pearl barley soup

Chop the sorrel.


Add the sorrel into the chicken stock.

Sorrel soup

And mix all. Cook for 15 minutes and then remove from heat.

Russian sorrel

Russian sorrel soup for easy summer dinner.
Bonn appetite!
Russian sorrel soup

Author: Mariia R.

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