Salad With Lemon Juice

During the 1600s many people in England developed a dislike of fresh, uncooked vegetables. They thought that if the vegetables were not cooked they were no better than food for animals. The cucumber gained the nickname of “cowcumber” and even when fresh vegetables regained popularity the cucumber remained unpopular for some time because of the unfortunate nickname. While cucumbers have been cultivated for thousands of years, they were not improved and hybridized until the late 1800s. Varieties that are well-known today stem from these hybrids. There are many varieties of cucumber to choose from. They range from small cucumbers designed for sweet pickles to large cucumbers over two feet long. Source: Indepthinfo


Tereyaki sauce

  • Pepper (optional)

Simple salad with carrot

Shred cucumber on the large grater.

Cucumber salad with carrot

Squeeze as much excess moisture as possible.

Cucumber  juice

Add the Tereyaki sauce, lemon pieces and mix all.

Vegetables salad

Shred carrot on the small grater.

Carrot with lemon

And shop the parsley into medium pieces.

Salad with parsley

Salt ingredients and mix well.

Green salad with lemon sauce

Add the mayonnaise and mix again.

Original vegetable salad

Enjoy vegetable salad with lemon juice recipe!
Bonn appetite!

Salad With Lemon Juice

Author: Mariia R.

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