Salmon Roll With Cream Cheese

Smoked Salmon Recommended By The American Heart Association

By now, everyone has heard that smoked salmon is a delicious addition to any meal But did you know all of the benefits of this fantastic fish? Whether smoked salmon has been hot or cold smoked or even cured, the healthy nutrients inside are priceless to the human body.

Studies have shown that smoked salmon can help fight off coronary heart disease due to the Omega-3 oils it contains. These oils can decrease blood lipids, increase relaxation in large arteries and other blood vessels, and can also decrease vascular system blood clotting as well as inflammatory processes in blood vessels. There have also been recent studies that which show that besides lowering the risk of heart disease, smoked salmon has also been known to help individuals who have asthma, psoriasis, certain cancers and arthritis. Source: FoodEditorias


  1. Smoked salmon
  2. Cream cheese
  3. Cucumber


Smoked salmon with cheese cream

Peel the cucumber.

Fresh cucumbers appetizer

Shred the cucumber on the medium grater and squeeze juice from the cucumber.

Cucumber with cream cheese

Put the smoked salmon on the plate and spread cheese cream on the fish.

Cucumber and salmon

Then put the grated cucumber on top.

Cream cheese roll with salmon

Make a roll.

Salmon food

Enjoy your salmon roll with cream cheese!
Bonn appetite!

Salmon rolls

Author: Mariia R.

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